It’s been a while since I’ve done any #bookboost stuff, but the first book in my urban fantasy vampire series is free if you opt for digital download. You don’t need to have a kindle device, you can use a kindle reading app, or download it for free on iBooks, Barnes and Noble and more. Relative Strangers has been Described as “Sunnydale with tea and biscuits” (Amazon reviewer). Find out more here. Download here it here

Many of you will know that life has been pretty busy over the past year and keeping up with my personal writing blog has been far from easy. That’s not to say that I’ve stopped writing or blogging, altogether. I haven’t,  but committing to a full length novel with a a full time job and my various entrepreneurial adventures  is proving to be a bit of a challenge. So while I’m not blogging about my writing journey or life as an author specifically, you can still follow me and what I’m up to on my parenting and lifestyle blog WelshMumWriting  and on my social media. Of course, although my current fiction work in progress is just stumbling along very limply, I still to support other indie authors, so hit me up at my book promo account on Twitter @BookBaggers and I’ll retweet for you.          

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, and none more so than with the Twitter (I exclude Facebook as I’ve never particularly loved it, it’s more of a necessarily evil, used solely for catching up with relatives and distant friends). I’ve left it on at least two occasions that I recall both times for the same reason. In the words of Willow Rosenberg, a vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend, so please don’t take this personally – it’s not directed at you, not personally. The problem I have with it is this obsession people have with following back. This “I followed you, you must follow me” attitude has left me wanting to smack my head against a wall on more than one occasion. Now I understand that everyone likes to see they are followed. It’s flattering – like someone asking you out on a date even if you’re not interested… View Post