Review: Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner

Review: Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner

First of all, I have to stress that I don’t normally read things in the “chick flit” genre – no strong feelings on it, I’ve just never come across a story strong enough to make my press that “buy” button. When my book club provided this as one of the monthly options, I hovered over the Amazon page and wondered – if this for me? Deciding that I should expand my reading boundaries, I decided to go for it. Given that Suzy Turner writes across a range of genres I thought – why not?! I’m glad I decided to click that button.
The story follows Kate Robinson, writer for a leading magazine, who at 28 has been unable to shake off the memory of her great love. Nobody she has met has ever come close to their immediate connection. The only problem is that it was over 20 years ago – yes at 12, while holidaying in Skegness, her eyes locked with a young lad at a disco at the caravan park and she hasn’t been able to forget him. Their meeting was a fleeting one as she shortly left with her parents – she didn’t even get to find out his name. The last two decades have been spent lingering on the thought of the boy she named Fred (Right Said Fred was playing at the time).
Kate has certainly dipped her toe in the dating pool but without much success. In fact, just when she is about to start feeling sorry for herself – things look on the up – not because of a man but due to a large inheritance from an old friend of the family. Inheriting properties in the Azores and New York, to name a few of her new found benefits, her life takes a turn for the unexpected. In addition to travelling the world, meeting some interesting characters and building friendships along the way, her “Fred” story gains media attention and a national “Find Fred” campaign ensues.
There are no spoilers from me – you’ll have to read it to find out if Kate gets her man! What I can say is that I couldn’t put this down. It’s well paced and not at all the soppy, over exaggerated drama I’ve found in some of the romance genre. It’s witty, realistic and the characters are well developed and engaging. I picked it up at lunchtime and haven’t put it down. I can imagine that this will go on my “to re-read” list for when I’m on holiday… the perfect read for the plane or for lounging around a pool.
Well done Suzy Turner, you’ve converted me to chick-lit!

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