Promo Video Reveal : Relative Strangers….. get your vampires here

I am a big believer in getting experts to do things for you. I’ve never changed a tyre, that’s what the Automobile Association is for. I’ve never attempted conveyancing on a property sale. I work on the basis that someone who does “a thing” all the time is probably much more adept than I could ever be at, unless I too spent my days and nights doing the “thing”.  Publishing a book is no different in some respects. Although its my blood, sweat and tears to write it, I shared it with others, beta readers, other writers and so on to get ensure it was well drafted and all the rest of it….. you can never do this yourself, you will never spot your own mistakes! Okay, yes I did create some working graphics to get some warm up publicity but paid a graphic designer to create the book cover for me. I’ve learned these things through pulling my own hair out over InDesign, paint brushes, putting up coving and fitting doors – you name it someone who does things all the time will do it better.

This is also true promotional videos, promotional or otherwise. I recently watched a wedding video  of an old acquaintance, and was amazed. It was like a music video – clearly filmed over several days with an amazing soundtrack. It almost made we want to get married again. To top it off,  a few days ago I spotted Jean Shorney’s new promo trailer for her book, Stalking Aidan and immediately thought WOW. It had style, pace,it oozed the tone of the book from every celluloid second.  As I’m in the process of reading the book, I immediately thought – yes, that’s the mood – she’s nailed it. Of course, chatting to Jean (a full interview to follow so watch this space) revealed that she had used a professional production company – and boy is it worth it.

That said, I was so fired up with the prospect of having a video for Relative Strangers, that I decided to try my hand at it myself.  I’ve tried to evoke the spirit of the book and give you a feel for what to expect. For those who’ve read it already I hope that it resonates with you – if it doesn’t, then I need to seriously think about the brief I give any production company in the future!!





Helen Treharne

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