Introducing “Taken By the Huntsman” by Author and Guest Blogger, Mistral Dawn

Introducing “Taken By the Huntsman” by  Author and Guest Blogger, Mistral Dawn

Taken By The Huntsman is a fantasy, romance novel set in the realm of Fairie. It came into being because I had a dream after having a debate with an online friend. I’ll leave the details of the dream to your imagination ;-), but the debate was about the nature of consent and what should and should not be accepted by society. I set out to write a book that would entertain, and hopefully arouse, my readers, but also to start a discussion about right and wrong, and consensual contact vs. non-consensual contact.

The story is about a lonely, human woman (Cassie) who has been rejected for various reasons for her whole life and the Erlking, a hundreds of thousands of years old Fae, who has been Fairie’s “top cop” for all of his life. Both of these characters are lonely and isolated, and both of them have difficulty trusting others. They are united in an unbreakable, soul-mate bond created by a goddess, but only the Erlking can consciously feel this bond. While Cassie feels drawn to the Erlking, she cannot (as a human) consciously feel and identify the soul-mate bond so the Erlking must convince her to trust him and give their relationship a chance. Naturally, hilarity, hijinks, and adventure ensue. 🙂

There are several plot lines in my story where the characters explore their feelings (and the reasons for them) about sex, crimes, punishment of criminals, societal structure and one’s place in it, justice, revenge, and both romantic and platonic relationships. This isn’t done in manner to browbeat readers or proselytize to them, but in a way to make them think about and question their own views. Most of these questions are left open for the reader to answer for themselves, but my goal was to make people reflect on what they take as a “given” and under what circumstances various actions might be justified. My major goal with this book was to entertain people and tantalize them with the “romantic moments,” but I also hoped readers might find a few ideas that woKuld cause them to think about their own views. If Taken By The Huntsman causes someone to go “Hmmm?” even once while reading it, that would make me ecstatic. Plus there are quite a few steamy scenes. 😉

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