#BookReview: Johnny Nothing?… not likely.. this is SOMETHING !

#BookReview: Johnny Nothing?… not likely.. this is SOMETHING !

Now and again a book comes along that makes you tingle. It’s not because it’s packed full of suspense or horror, it’s because you sense that you’ve been allowed to join what will be a very special journey – the emergence of a great writer (although to be fair Ian Probert has done a few things for adults and I’m sure manages to eat and clothe himself quite nicely). No, we’re  not talking about identifying the  next Tolstoy, but dare I say it, an author who has the potential to be our next Roald Dahl. Now I could be jumping the gun here.. it’s been known.. but Johnny Nothing reminded me of the humour, sharp observation and darkness lurking at the fringes of Dahl’s work. This is a book which is written for children but as an adult you will see things and laugh at things that your typical twelve year old won’t notice. It’s grim, hysterically funny, sharp and has a weird feel good factor to it which  took me a little by surprise.  Buy it for your kids for Christmas, steal it from them by Boxing Day.

So what is it about I hear you cry ? Tell me more! Tell me more!

Johnny Nothing is having a BORING life until he interests a million quid from possibly the most detested member of his family – that is if you exclude the sheer malevolent hatred which the deceased has for just about every member of Johnny’s obnoxious family.  There’s a catch, however, if he has the same amount of cash in the back, plus one pound, in a year he’ll be given ten times that ! This is no mean feat when  you’ve got the family that Johnny has….


Helen Treharne

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