Meet the Writer: Lily Luchesi – Author of Stakeout, coming to your shelves in May 2015

Today, I’ve been lucky enough to be given a break from writing to host up and coming novelist Lily Luchesi. Today, she guest blogs about her debut supernatural novel, Stake-Out, and her writing process…….

I’ve been a lifelong lover of vampires. My mother often recalls that, when I was two years old, I’d sit in front of the TV, entranced, at the vampire episode of Scooby-Doo. When I was seven, I picked vampire bats to write a report on in science class.

So, it makes sense that my debut novel is about vampires, too.

It’s called Stake-Out, and it’s the first book in the Paranormal Detectives Series. It will be released on May 19th, 2015 by the wonderful people at Vamptasy Publishing, and here is a little insight about my characters, the story and why I wrote it.

Danny Mancini is a venerable detective with the Chicago Police Department. One night on a stakeout, he sees that his perp is not human, but a vampire. Admitting what he saw to his captain got him “early retirement”, a nice way of saying fired with benefits. He sits in depression for two years until Angelica Cross appears on his doorstep.

She’s stunningly beautiful and mysterious, telling him she’s there to recruit him for the Paranormal Investigative Division of the FBI, to hero them hunt and apprehend the rogue vampire who cost him his job.

But as Danny gets to know her, he begins to have visions of the past…of his life a century ago with Angelica. What does it mean? With renegade werewolves, evil witches and an insane vampire on the loose, will he even get to live long enough to find out?

Having read countless vampire novels, I saw some things that I wanted to change: females always being model-skinny, all vampires either good or bad, men being heroes.

In this story, I have a curvy lead, vampires who walk the line between good and evil, and Danny needing to be saved from his own self-destructive actions as opposed to him swooping in and rescuing Angelica.

I wanted a tough female lead, as all the books I enjoy have a woman who can kick butt, but I also wanted a strong male presence there, someone sexy and alluring who could be an adequate other half to Angelica. I didn’t want him to be too young, so I figured bordering forty would be great for readers of all ages. I won’t deny that I’d love for him to be everyone’s next fictional crush! He’s tough, moderately wealthy, has sexy scruff and knows his way around a gym.

I also love crime shows on TV. I always thought that vampires could make great cops and cops would be great vampire hunters. Danny, in my mind, is a mix of Elliot Stabler (played by Chris Meloni on Law and Order: SVU) and Oscar Vega (played by Loius Ferreira on Motive), my two favorite TV cops.

Putting together the two disparate worlds wasn’t difficult, as one night I had insomnia and started writing a story with only an image in my head: a cop staring down an undead perp in a dark alley. I then asked myself, “What would happen if a real life cop was shadowing a vampire?” The story grew from there and I had it written in about four months.

Originally, it was supposed to be a solo novel, but my ideas grew and grew until I had three books planned out in my head, exploring Danny and Angelica’s relationship, demons, and the werewolf/vampire war of 1810. I want readers to be as engrossed in the world I created while reading Stake-Out as I was while I wrote it.

That’s what writing is all about: creating a world so unlike the one in which we already live so readers can get lost there for a few hours. I’m blessed to be able to do this for a living. I am glad to be able to let people into my fantasy world, to scare them, to make them gasp, to have sigh and cry.

Happy reading!





Lily Luchesi is an aspiring, young author/poet born in Chicago, Illinois, now residing in Los Angeles, California. Ever since she was a toddler her mother noticed her tendency for being interested in all things “dark”. At two she became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle by the time she was twelve, and, as her family has always been what they now call “Gothic”, she doesn’t believe she shall ever change. She is also a hopeless romantic and avid music-lover, and will always associate vampires with love, blood and rock and roll. Her interest in poetry came around the same time as when she was given a book of Edgar Allan Poe’s complete work. She then realized that she had been writing her own poetry since she could hold a pen, and just had not known the correct terms. She finished her first manuscript at the age of fourteen, and now, at twenty-one, has two contributing credits in anthologies and a debut novel, Stake-Out, is soon to be published by Vamptasy Publishing.

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