Christmas Gifts for Vampires and their Slayers

Christmas is a difficult time for us all – the shops are jam packed full of people and every year it gets harder to think of innovative gifts for people. Yet think we must and with less than four weeks to go, time is a ticking.

Some people are harder to buy for, especially vampire slayers, and the undead are even harder to buy for – after all, they’ve had time to accrue almost everything they could ever want. In writing my books I’ve learnt a lot about our vampire kin, and us poor gals who have to battle them (literary-wise that is… or do I?). So stop scratching your head and just pop online and hunt out these perfect gifts for the supernaturally inclined. These Christmas gifts will slay them!


1. TV Boxset

Can’t sleep since that last vampire attack? Creature of the night who keeps unusual hours? Then a DVD box set of their favourite TV show is the perfect way to occupy those pesky nocturnal hours. My recommendations are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural (love those Winchester boys) and Being Human.


2. Pyjamas

Ladies and gents, if you are used to sleeping in the nude, stop it now! Whenever you least suspect it, you could need to slip down those stairs and confront a supernatural intruder. Make sure you have a clean pair of decent pyjamas on you – you don’t want to be flashing more than your fighting spirit when you deliver that final roundhouse!


3. A Supply of their favourite beverage

Let’s face it; whether you are a caffeine addict or whisky drinker, you’ll be reaching for your drink of choice in a crisis. Gift a good bottle of Jamiesons, quality loose leaf tea or a gift card for a coffee outlet for the vampire fighter in your life… if in doubt go with BEER! Sadly, I can’t signpost you to any blood pack stores – that’s probably a black market affair.


4. Toolbox

Whether you are a seasoned vampire “enforcer”, with a penchant for torture, or you’re pulling out vampire fangs when trying to dispose of an undead body, a well-stocked tookboxwill be the perfect gift for anyone. Smash that vampire’s head in with a wrench or use it to fix up that battered kitchen after a fight – it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Worth popping in some rock salt and a couple of stakes for good measure.


5. And last, but not least….. a copy of  Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story

This is the first book in the Sophie Morgan series and certainly a gift for anyone in your life as it’s available in paperback and all digital formats. No more worrying about buying an eBook for that three hundred year old vampire with distaste for technology (like Charles Ferrers, one of my characters).  Order it now to make sure you get it for Christmas.For those more tech savvy, you can get a copy for your kindle, nook, iPad and even just your PC!


Buy your copy of Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story here:






Helen Treharne

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