Ordinary Rotten Vampires and Why We Love Them…From Buffy to Being Human

Ordinary Rotten Vampires and Why We Love Them…From Buffy to Being Human

Okay, I’m going to admit something. Those who have read Relative Strangers will already know this. I like my supernatural creatures kinda ordinary. That’s right. I don’t want my vampires turning into bats or burning people with their lazer eyes – I want to know that they could, in fact, be the guy next door. Not in a shiny, I want to hump the neighbour way, but in a “they walk among us” sorta way.

Now I’m still a fan of the classic vampire movie as you all know, but I like them really old school. In fact, in much of the original gothic literature vampires don’t turn into bats or wolves – but they do need blood to survive and they are immortal. This was very much my concept for the book – vampires walking about, living in houses, mugging women, working jobs, making bad choices – much like the rest of us. The only difference is that something has fundamentally changed in their biology, leaving them with a hunger for blood and the inability to function without eating, breathing or sleeping.

With that in mind, I thought that today I’d share with you some super cool and seriously sinister vamps who could scare the bejeezus out of you without having to fly or anything else. Some of them can even go out in daylight!


1. John Mitchell


Casting Aiden Turner in this role in Being Human, replacing the actor from the original pilot (this also happened with Annie’s character) was a stroke of genius. Mitchell was recruited into vampirism by William Herrick  on the battlefields of World War 1. In finger-less gloves and an unkempt grubbiness which appeals to the ladies, Mitchell is a sad character, desperately trying to be good, but inevitably destined to bring suffering to those around him.  His final scene in the series had me in tears.

2. Hal York


I was surprised that Being Human continued after Aiden Turner’s departure (to be in the Hobbit incidentally), but I’m very glad they did. Hal is one of the “Old Ones”, trying to stay clean and sober (from human blood) by rigorous cleaning and OCD. We seem two sides to him in the series – the initially distant but ultimately loyal and loving vampire, prepared to save the world, to a blood thirsty monster running rampage.

3. Willam Herrick


I love Herrick. A senior police officer at the time we meet him in Being Human, he has been around for centuries and was Mitchell’s sire. He is charming, sadistic, deadly and organised. What a lethal combination. He reminds me a little of Charles Ferrer in my book now I come to think of it!

4. Spike (William Pratt)


The ultimate, accept no substitute Buffy The Vampire Slayer vampire. Personally, I thought he was much better than Angel, both as a vampire and for entertainment factor. He steals and does just about anything for cash – after all he has to buy blood and pay to kit out his crypt somehow. The only super power Spike has is his complete lack of conscious until he gets his soul back. That is a powerful thing.  He’s also observant – but if you’ve worked the earth for a while you get to read body language and situations pretty well.

5. Willow Rosenberg


“What!” I hear you cry, surely Druscilla. Willow ! Really? Yes. Willow has two outings as a vampire in season three  Buffy The Vampire Slayer – firstly in The Wish” and secondly in”Doppelgangland.” Vampire Willow has no magical powers, just a penchant for torture using matches, a high sex drive and a thirst for blood. She also has a killer outfit.

6. Miriam Blaylock


From teen vamps to accomplished women, our round up takes us to The Hunger with the stunning Catherine Deneuve  seducing David Bowie and Susan Sarandon with her cool sexuality and her ability to play the piano. Miriam Blaylock has the type of vulnerability that seems at odds with the almost dismissive and cruel way that she discards her lovers as they age. While they eventually age they remain immortal so she keeps them locked away in coffins in the attic. She, however, retains her beauty.

7. Mick St John


The only super power that the lead character in Moonlight appears to have is lovely hair. He works as a detective to keep a roof over his head and blood packs in the fridge. No crawling up the outsides of buildings or turning into a bat. No, this goody goody vampire is broody, tortured and destined to fall in love with the wrong women. In this take on vampire lore, vampires can be killed by fire – well that just about kills anything doesn’t it?

I could go on… and on. I haven’t really mentioned Druscilla from BTVS, the entire cast of Near Dark, The Strain or all the other contemporary workings of lore which is itself so diverse its beyond belief.

What is your favorite type of  vampire, and why?


Helen Treharne

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