The Unique Challenge of Publishing Independent in a Non-English Speaking Country : Guest Post by Isabelle Saint-Michael, Author or the Otherworld Realms Series

The Unique Challenge of Publishing Independent in a Non-English Speaking Country : Guest Post by Isabelle Saint-Michael, Author or the Otherworld Realms Series

I am very excited to have an international guest today!  It’s always nice to have the opportunity to take my foot off the pedal and see what others come up with when putting fingertips to keyboards. So I’m stepping away from the computer, bowing graciously as I go and hand over to the very lovely Isabelle Saint-Michael….

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The Unique Challenge of Publishing Independent in a Non-English Speaking Country : Guest Post by Isabelle Saint-Michael…..

For those of you who have read my blog or author bio you know I live in Seoul, South Korea. I came here following a dream and have no regrets about moving to another country. Every week my Korean gets a little better and I celebrate the small wins like ordering pizza for delivery, having a taxi driver understand me when I tell him where I want to go, or talking to a stranger and telling them about what I do. What may surprise you to know is that I didn’t set out to Korea with the intention of writing books.

When I decided to bring my ideas to print I was really concerned. A thirteen to fourteen hour time difference from New York meant a lot of late nights talking to agents. Finding an amazing editor or even trying to print proofreading proofs wasn’t simple. Even now, to get a physical copy of my books I have to pay roughly $20 to ship a single copy to myself.

I was fairly lucky in finding my editor. Sometimes you just meet someone and things click. Lisa is here teaching English but really wants to work on a Master’s degree focusing on Korean history. She also happens to be an amazing editor. Not only did I end up with an editor who is as invested in the books as I am, but she has also come to be one of my closest friends. When I agreed to publish with Otherworld Romance (the name should have been a tip-off it was the right fit) it was with the stipulation that Lisa was part of the deal and would be my editor. We’re a team, and together the stories are better and it’s a lot more fun writing.

When it came to the publisher I knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted more control over my books even if it meant more footwork for me in regards to marketing and PR. A big publisher has lots of money to promote you, but only if you are selling enough copies to get attention. If not, you sit quietly on a shelf or a website hoping to be discovered. Well, I knew I could sit on those shelves and websites waiting to be discovered without giving up total control or taking a tiny fraction of the royalties.

Otherworld Romance is a newly formed publisher based in London that felt more like an author commune than a traditional publisher. They focus on author freedom while providing publishing support, creative feedback, and help with getting the book from point A to Z. It was a perfect fit because they walked me through the publishing process step by step and continue to support me after the book is out on the market and while I prepare book three.

Because my books actually got their start through my blog – set mostly here in Seoul, following the daily life of a Changeling – it felt right kicking off my book tour here. My first book signing was done in a small café in Hongdae (the artsy alternative neighborhood) here in Seoul. From there I have 3 more this month at book stores around the country. After first of the year we are looking at also going to Tokyo and Hong Kong before hopefully heading stateside.

I would encourage anyone who wants to write to do so. If you want to publish your work, do your research and don’t be afraid of feedback. If you’re doing it from a distant time zone be prepared for late nights, horribly early mornings, frustration and an amazing sense of accomplishment when it finally hits shelves. Good luck!

I would also love to also thank Helen Treharne for hosting me and my books today on our Blog Tour. Feel free to leave a comment here or check out more of my realms at Happy Holidays to all!

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About the Author:

Isabelle Saint-Michael is a cupcake enthusiast, shoe addict, and globetrotter. She is known for her sense of adventure and geeky hobbies. She is frequently seen haunting coffee shops and pubs into the wee hours of the morning. No matter where she goes, shenanigans and mirth are never far behind.

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Okay, it’s back to me now but you’re not getting off away that lightly! I KNOW you want to hear more about her books. Well, here’s a quick rattle through two of them to get you started! 

Practical Uses for Princes with Pointed Ears

Otherworld Realms, Book 1


Lillian Chambers was just an ordinary high school teacher, until she fell through a Fairy Circle. When she came to on the other side, she was surprised to find herself in the company of an Elven prince she thought only existed in her dreams. Now she’s slaying monsters and rescuing Prince Tallyn, instead of playing the part of the damsel in distress.

Tallyn had been the protector of his kingdom for over one hundred years. He knows that the world is filled with danger around every corner, but these days he’s finding himself babysitting the annoyingly fearless Lady Lillian.

When their worlds collide sparks fly, humorous situations ensue and the only thing for sure is that neither will ever be the same. Practical Uses for Princes with Pointed Ears takes readers on an adventure into a modern fairytale where we explore what it really means to fall for Prince Not-so-Charming.

Available at Amazon


Holiday Spirit for Hire

Otherworld Realms, Book Two


When life handed half-werewolf Grace MacGregor a pink slip four weeks before Christmas, she was determined to get back to work as soon as possible. She just didn’t expect it to be the very next day – or at the North Pole.  She now has four weeks to make other people’s holiday wishes come true, but will she be able to grant her own while she is at it?

Justin Kringle is the nephew of Santa Claus and his job is to keep operations of the Pole on point. When Grace is dropped bed and all into his work shop, he can’t decide if it’s love or hate at first sight. First impression: she’s a total mess. Can he keep her on track and remember to not mix business and pleasure?

Available at Amazon

Helen Treharne

I’m Helen Treharne, fiction author an creator of The Sophie Morgan Vampire Series. I live in South Wales with my husband, young son and rescue cat.
My books are available at all major digital retailers with soft back copies also available from Amazon, Createspace and other stores.
When I’m not writing fiction, I blog at, sharing my experiences of being a busy parent jugging working, writing, and more. Follow me there for my personal insights.

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