Nonnie Jules hits it out of the park with this post that I just HAD to share. Now, I am not a Mommy. But this very interesting post asks a question that I find myself asking a lot (those who hang out in my “Soapbox Corner” section will know this) – why do people have to be so mean? Why do we derive such pleasure from someone being “caught out” or doing something wrong. In our celebrity driven culture we seem to take a perverse pleasure in building people up to throw missiles at them as soon as they become too successful or show the slightest sign they are human. We are all capable of making a mistake. Personally, I have made a lot. I hope that when I next make a massive one, someone isn’t there pointing a finger judging. Not only does it hurt the person who is at the end of your finger wagging, it hurts those around them. Whatever happened to, if you can’t say anything nice……..?

Helen Treharne

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