10 Things About Ian Probert… and two AWESOME competitions

10 Things About Ian Probert… and two AWESOME competitions

Woo hoo, day 2 of the lovely Ian Probert’s hijack of my blog.  Following on from yesterday’s fab guest post about Johnny Nothing, where Ian shared some excerpts from his original draft, as well as the published book, we have another post from Ian. Today it’s all about him as he shares 10 little known facts about himself. I feel utterly dull now. Playing the guitar with Douglas Adams beats me singing We’ll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside with Rita Fairclough in a Co-op.

Before, I hand over to Ian’s ‘Ten Things About Me’, I want to make sure you read the end of this post. This is probably one of the best competitions I’ve seen in a while. To launch the publication of Johnny Nothing in paperback, Ian is giving away free kindle copies of the book as well as some original artwork… all you have to do is hop onto twitter or ping him an email with the answer to a question. I’m highly competitive so I’m having to sit on my hands here and not enter…. I think I shall fail.

Anyway, Ian …. over to you…


Ten things about me

  1. For my art college thesis I based it on an artist who didn’t exist.


  1. The biggest coincidence in my life was telephoning an editor in Chicago whom I had never met or even spoken to at exactly the same time as he was phoning me. We were both in complete shock that two total strangers would do this.


  1. The first thing I ever had published was an article about Frank Bruno’s upcoming fight with Mike Tyson.


  1. I once interviewed Douglas Adams at his house but ended up spending the afternoon playing Beatles songs with him on his guitars.


  1. I once worked on the P G Tips commercials with the chimpanzees. They were awful creatures – spitting and biting.


  1. Fifteen years before I met my wife I saw her being interviewed on Kilroy and thought she was very attractive.


  1. My dad used to be a night club singer.


  1. One of my ancestors was a Canadian Mountie who captured Sitting Bull.


  1. I almost died after suffering undiagnosed hypothyroidism for more than 20 years.


  1. I’ve written three books under a pseudonym and will never tell anyone the titles,


Guardian pic

The Delightful Ian Probert


About Ian Probert… the man, the legend…..( I wrote that bit, he didn’t)

Ian Probert has been scribbling down words ever since he learned to spell the phrase: ‘Once upon a time…’. He is the author of Internet Spy, Rope Burns and a bunch of other titles. Internet Spy was a bestseller in the US and made into a TV film. Rope Burns is a book about why books shouldn’t be written about boxing. Ian has also written things for a shed load of newspapers and magazines. When Ian was a student he used to write lots of letters to the bank manager


About Johnny Nothing


Johnny Nothing is best-selling author Ian Probert’s first ever children’s book – although adults are enjoying it too. The story of the poorest boy in the world and the nastiest mother in the universe, the book is earning rave reviews. Children and grown-ups are all laughing at this incredibly funny kids book.


“Great new kids book alert! My two are in hysterics reading Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert (and I am too).” Jane Bruton, Editor of Grazia


“Oh, Wow! Dark, sordid, grotesque and hilarious are only a few words I can conjure up to describe this hilarious book.” Lizzie Baldwin, mylittlebookblog


Critics are comparing Ian Probert to Roald Dahl. And Johnny Nothing we have a modern successor to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


 Take a look for yourself:



Links to buy and hunt Ian down in the cybersphere…

Amazon http://geni.us/3oR8

iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/johnny-nothing/id908777441?mt=11

Book promo http://youtu.be/xaWO4tR4oj0?list=UUzLRcpNMLRKKtJhes1s1C7w

WordPress http://ianprobertbooks.wordpress.com

Website http://ianprobert.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/716683635030173/

Twitter @truth42




 Johnny_Nothing Cover

To celebrate the paperback launch of Johnny Nothing we are offering a free Kindle copy of the book to the first 100 people who Tweet the following message:

  @truth42 I’m reading Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert. http://geni.us/3oR8 #YA #Kindle #kidsbooks

 The first ten readers who answer the following question will also receive a signed print of one of the book’s illustrations.

 Q: What is the tattoo on Ben’s arm?

 Send your answers to truth42@icloud.com


Helen Treharne

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