Apple by RA Black…a #gothic story of mystery and madness

Apple by RA Black…a #gothic story of mystery and madness

I am  so excited today. In fact, I almost missed my mouth drinking my morning brew. Why? Well I shall tell you fair folk and followers. At least, an old fashioned, gothic horror novel has passed my way. Yes, that’s right. Considering I often read that the horror market is very competitive and the market is saturated,  I very have tour companies or authors approach me with tales of the terrifying, ghoulish or the strange.  There is probably a blog post in that (watch this space!), but I digress for now.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Apple, a gothic horror story by RA Black. It looks like a good read from the blurb and I’ll definitely be adding this to my “To Be Read” list. Let me know if you’ve already read it – come back and comment and let me know what you think.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know…


Enter a gothic story of madness and cruelty, where the bonds of sibling loyalty are tested to the grave and beyond.

High on the hill, Cavington Hall lurks like a beast surveying its territory. Spoken of in hushed whispers, it is home to Doctor Charles Cavington, last of a family cursed by genius and insanity in equal parts. It has now become home to twelve year old Apple. A run-away, she is forced into the doctor’s service as payment for saving her brother’s life.

While Apple struggles to cope with her loneliness and isolation, the mysteries surrounding Doctor Cavington are growing. What exactly is his interest in the two siblings? Is there any truth to his strange tales of Guardians and Reapers, ethereal figures he claims are responsible for dealing with the souls of the dead?

And what is making that thumping noise in the locked nursery at night?

I let out a quiet whimper, unable to suppress it completely. The noise sounds louder now, as if it is right outside the door. I let go of Skye’s hand, and move further under the bed, curling myself up into a tiny ball. If I keep really quiet, really still, maybe it won’t notice me. I wrap my hands around my knees, trying to prevent them from knocking together as they shake. It doesn’t really sound like footsteps, not human ones at least. What creature moves with a sound like that? Nothing normal comes to mind

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About RA Black…
RA Black was born in Southampton and wrote her first story when she was five. She wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up but ended up working in IT after graduating university. While her career didn’t exactly go to plan, she never stopped writing. She now lives in Bath with her long-term partner and more plushie animals than will comfortably fit on the couch.

Meet up with her here…
Twittter  @wordsofrablack


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  1. January 26, 2015 / 11:50 am

    I love gothic horror – will check it out!

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