Let me introduce you… to one ‘Prime’ Author… Windsor Harries

Let me introduce you… to one ‘Prime’ Author… Windsor Harries

Today, I am shining the light from my supersonic screwdriver onto Windsor Harris, a Canadian author and creator of PRIME… a novella in the science fiction genre.

Here’s some stuff about the book and about him!


About the Book


Since birth, Toch has prepared for his destiny: to become the Prime, the being who would save his race from the oppressive Spidon. Perfected over uncountable generations, the genetic power that will free them lies dormant until he reaches maturity. Until then, with the help of his friend and Protector, he needs to stay hidden—and safe—from the Spidon.

Everything goes according to the Plan, until a traitor reveals the truth about Toch, putting the future of their entire race in danger . . .

 Buy it herehttp://www.amazon.com/Prime-novella-Windsor-Harries-ebook/dp/B00QQU5K2Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422100063&sr=8-1&keywords=prime+windsor+harries&pebp=1422100043938&peasin=B00QQU5K2Q

About Windsor WH photo

Windsor Harries was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in the heady years between TV’s heyday and the internet revolution. He has been writing ever since he can remember. His early influences include Edgar Rice Burroughs and Doctor Who (Tom Baker, of course). For his mild-mannered secret identity, he works as a marketer in the financial services industry. He had written numerous books, but Prime is his first published novel.




Book Excerpt

“Just keep cool,” Luqas reminded him unnecessarily.

Together they walked toward the guard, knowing any abrupt change in direction would draw its attention. As they walked, Luqas nudged ever closer to Toch, to the point where they might have risked tripping over each other’s feet had they not been so practiced at walking side by side like this.

The guard stood alone amid the sea of people crushed against each other, a small cushion of space around it on all sides as citizens made a conscious effort to avoid getting close enough to brush against it. Ignoring the surrounding crowd, towering above their heads, the guard was focused on the scanner console it held, circling slowly, scanning the crowd for any anomalies.

Blending into the milling crowd, the boys shuffled past the guard, giving it as wide a berth as they dared, trying to time their pass to coincide with the guard turning its back to them. Their timing was impeccable, as always. As they passed, they both relaxed slightly, and Luqas moved away to give his friend more room.

“You there, ants! Stop!”

There was absolutely no doubt in Luqas’s mind as to whom the guard was calling, and as Toch came to a stop beside him, he knew they had both reached the same conclusion. The crowd around the boys dispersed as if commanded by some secret telepathy, leaving a wide swath of empty space around them. It was simple self-preservation on behalf of every member of the crowd, secretly thankful that it wasn’t them under the guard’s scrutiny.

The boys slowly turned to face the guard, craning their necks to look up, Luqas returning to his place almost glued to Toch’s side, almost as if he were trying to climb inside the boy.

The guard stood looking down at them, scanning them both. If its face could register any emotion, it would have displayed confusion. It looked to the boys, who immediately dropped their eyes—not only out of respect, but also because the sight of the guards made them uneasy.

“What’s your purpose?”

Luqas spoke up, trying to hide his fear. “Just collecting, sir.”

The guard glanced back at the scanner readings. “Show your identity chits, ants!” Despite the guard’s flat tone, it was still able to spit out the last word like venom.

The boys both rolled up the sleeves of their tunics and held out their left arms. The guard grabbed Toch’s wrist, pulling his arm toward it to scan the inside of his forearm. As the guard’s slimy pincer touched Toch’s bare skin, Luqas saw a shiver of disgust rock his friend’s body. After checking the reading, the guard repeated the action with Luqas, who was better at masking his disgust.

“You’re too young to be in the registry,” the guard announced, like this was news to the boys. “What’s your pattern?”

Toch froze. “Well, ah . . .” Luqas watched as Toch’s mouth struggled to find words, but he couldn’t seem to form any intelligent sounds. He was about to speak up on his friend’s behalf when the guard interrupted, impatient.

“Enough,” the guard barked. “Let me scan you. Now.”



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