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If you enjoyed this morning’s spotlight, you might like enjoy this ! Windsor popped by to tell us a little about his writing journey..,

Writing has always been a hobby of mine, and only recently (well into middle age) did I decide to see if I could make a go of actually publishing something I wrote. For people to read. Hopefully lots of people.

It has been quite the experience, transitioning from writing only for myself—and I wrote lots, with seven completed novels to date and many others in the works—to actually publishing for a broader audience. Certainly broader than my previous audience of just me.

From rough drafts circulated among friends, to hiring an editor to tell me what was really wrong with it, to working with designers to build a cover, even down to trying to figure out what genre it belonged in (sci-fi? dystopian? post-apocolyptic? new adult? space opera? all of the above? none of the above?) it has been a lesson in humility. Writing is easy—everything else about publishing is just business.

So what’s the motivation for going through with this, to harass my friends to read early drafts, to pay someone to edit my books, to have covers professionally designed, to stress about promoting it?

I think it all comes down to sharing in your art. I created something—a science fiction story about two boys caught up in a plan to free their world—and, in spite of the work it took to bring it to completion, I want to share it, in the hopes that some readers out there will connect with it. Although I write for myself, I don’t want to be selfish about it—I want to share my imagination and the worlds I create.

I’ve often read that the business of publishing can seem entirely foreign (and unappealing) to the artistic temperament of authors. Having gone through the process, I understand this now. Sitting alone for weeks, putting your imaginary worlds and characters down on paper—it’s a very solitary endeavour. Actually publishing it, giving it a life of it’s own, letting it see the light of day—that’s something else entirely. But it’s interesting, this magical world of publishing.

And it won’t stop me from writing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some ideas I need to jot down.


About Windsor WH photo

Windsor Harries was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in the heady years between TV’s heyday and the internet revolution. He has been writing ever since he can remember. His early influences include Edgar Rice Burroughs and Doctor Who (Tom Baker, of course). For his mild-mannered secret identity, he works as a marketer in the financial services industry. He had written numerous books, but Prime is his first published novel.


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