In need of a beta-reader? Look no further

In need of a beta-reader? Look no further

Look no further.

In addition to writing, reviewing and book promotion I am now offering a beta reading service for other authors.

Beta-reading is an important part of developing and writing your book or short story. Beta-readers are different from editors – it is not their responsibility to proof read or line edit your manuscript. A good editor is worth their weight in gold!  A good BR shouldn’t just tell you that they liked your book or not either – they should provide feedback that will help you develop your story into something engaging and believable.

I have previously provided this service for free but due to committments I can no longer do this. I am therefore formalising my service in the aim of providing something that is useful and cost effective.

My new beta-reading service is two tiered:

Tier 1 : Synopis Evaluation


It can be useful to get feedback on your outline before you put pen to paper. If you have an outline/synopsis that you’d like feedback on, please get in touch. I am prepared to read outlines up to 20 pages (if longer, I’m happy to quote). I will thoroughly your summary to assess structure, character consistency, high level plot holes and any other potentially problematic issues.

Tier 2 : Manuscript Beta

To 10,000 words – £20

10,001 – 60,000 words – £28

60,001- 90,00 words – £35

90,001 – 100,000 £45

This will suit those who already have at least a draft of their book written. Note that this does not include line editing or proof reading but will include: plot holes,  evaluation of characters (consistency, realism), overall story, areas where the MS could be developed.  I will use word and tracked changes to highlight examples or  make additional comments. This will include noting words or phrases that occur frequently, excessive use of adverbs. This does not negate the need for a proofreader for detailed corrections/errors, or an experienced editor.


If you are interested in submitting your work, please note the following:

  1. I will not read erotica, dark fantasy or sci-fi. These are not my genres and I would therefore add minimal value
  2. Contact me via the “Contact Me” page, including a note of your preferred service, genre and word count.
  3. If we agree to proceed, you will be sent an invoice for payment through paypal. Work will not commence until payment has cleared.
  4. You are paying for a service. This is not refundable, but you are not obliged to take my advice or views on board. They are my views – you are the writer  and it’s your work – you have to be comfortable with it.
  5. Please come back to me when the work is published for a free spotlight post on Tea Talks.

I currently have slots available so why not get in touch?








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