5* Review of Germ Warfare (of the Corporate Kind) By Noel Warnell #OfficeSpace #Books

5* Review of Germ Warfare (of the Corporate Kind) By Noel Warnell #OfficeSpace #Books



Blurb (From Amazon, Kindle version)


The corporate world is sick. It’s full of disease and suffering. Even the bravest, brightest people are being infected despite having strong immune systems. At times like this, we need help. We need awareness. We need remedies. This book aims to give you the cure. This hilarious book is the result of years of ‘in the trenches’ research into corporate diseases and by reading it, you’re taking a step towards a happier and healthier place to work, for yourself and for others, as you: ● become aware of the 25 corporate diseases lurking in your office ● discover how to quickly and easily identify symptoms ● receive expert guidance on how to disrupt and destroy them The ailments you’ll discover are grouped into categories, driven by the part of the body infected – the mind, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the face, the blood and the hands. So, with your helmet and your antibacterial hand sanitizer at the ready, prepare for battle…


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Let me start off by saying I received a copy of this in return for an honest review. Well folks, that’s what you are going to get. In short… I loved this.


If you have worked in a corporate environment, or indeed any office, this will resonate with you. What we have is a reference-cum-help book about behaviours and personality types running amok through our workplaces, along with descriptions, symptoms, causes and treatments. It’s like reading an irreverent management book, perfectly capturing the characters we know well. A total of 25 workplace behaviours (or diseases) are described, ranging from “Shouty-pouty” to “emailosis.”


As I read the book, which is short and perfect if you want something to pick up during your lunch break by the way, I instantly recognised personalities from the places I’ve worked over the years. I laughed out loud at some, cringed at others – particularly when I recognised a few of my own (“busy bee”…ahem). Yet, there is also a lot of practical value in the book. Despite the humour, there are genuine nuggets of truth in here – practical things you can do to change that behaviour in yourself, all wrapped up in a witty, intelligent tone. One that stood out for me was a very balanced and practical set of steps for those suffering from “hermitphoma” and who struggle to interact with those around them (think Milton from the film Office Space).


This was an easy five stars from me and a definite thumbs up from me!



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