An Infinite Sorrow by RJ Harker : spotlight and excerpt #horror

An Infinite Sorrow by RJ Harker : spotlight and excerpt #horror

An Infinite Sorrow ebook

Title: An Infinite Sorrow
Author: R.J. Harker
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
Richard’s family has just moved to the small town of Desolation Falls. New house, new school, new friends. Everything is fine, until he starts to notice strange things about the town. Until his best friend disappears, and no one remembers she ever existed…

Author Bio
R.J. Harker is a horror/ science fiction writer from Chesapeake, VA. He is a lifelong fan of horror and science fiction. He enjoys reading, movies, and spending quality time with his wife and daughter. An Infinite Sorrow is his first published work. He’s written over forty unpublished short stories, and is currently working on his second novel Kellum House.




Book Excerpt

Terry, wearing a white sheet with some holes cut into it, threw himself up against the kitchen window. Sharon screamed and dropped the knife. Her boyfriend could not stop laughing.
“That wasn’t funny, jackass! You could have gotten hurt.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Your screaming is very dangerous. You are going to let me in, aren’t you?”
“No! You’re being a jerk.”
“Come on, let me in. I brought flowers…”
It was very sweet that he had brought her flowers. Terry usually never thought to do anything like that. She did already have the food cooking. “Ok…”
In the background, the girl from the movie was now trying to scratch out her doctor’s eyes. Her mother was screaming and screaming. “Wow! It’s Rage of the Demon 2. Awesome.”
Sharon took out the rolls. “Can’t we turn it off? You know that crap upsets me.”
“Sure. I know what we can do instead…”
“Come on Terry, you know I’m not like…”
He gripped her around the throat with impossible strength, and began to squeeze. “Men who fear demons see demons everywhere. I have seen my inner demons, and they are me!!”
Sharon struggled for a few moments, knocking everything off the counter while trying to grab something to defend herself. It was no use. A final, sharp, cracking sound and she was dead.
Terry sat on the floor of the kitchen, alone with what he had done. He sat there for what seemed like a long time, until the police kicked the front door in and surrounded him. He was slammed down on his stomach and handcuffed immediately. The lead officer leaned in close, stinking of cigarette smoke, and asked Terry, “Why did you do it?”
“None of this is real. Don’t you understand? None of it is real, and it just goes on and on.”
No one has figured out what really happened, until today.
Excerpt Two
Stan pulled an old box out from under the bed. “Cool, it’s a Ouija Board! We gotta try this out, man.”
“No way, those things are dangerous.”
“Oh, come on, it’s just a game. None of that hocus pocus stuff is real.”
“Then why chance it?”
Stan was already taking the necessary pieces out. Rich shrugged and had a seat on the carpet by his bed. He helplessly started setting up the board for his friend.
“Hey, you should invite Liz over. She’s really interested in this stuff. Plus, you know, the hotness factor!”
“They’re busy today, and I just met them. I can’t be throwing a Hugh Hefner party at my aunt’s house every other day.”
“That’s exactly what you should be doing. You have to build up your street cred in this town!! You’re no fun, my man. Ok, let’s do this!”
“Why do you want to do this crap so bad?”
“Well, a chick died right down the road last year. It was crazy. They thought her boyfriend did it, but they could never question him. He’s locked up in some asylum somewhere. I knew the guy, and he was never like that. He never did anything crazy. I guess he snapped. I want to see if she’ll answer us.”
Both of them placed their hands on the slider. The idea was that as they asked questions, spirits would push the slider over the right letters to spell out the answer. Stan thought that Rich would answer for fun. Rich knew better. If the board spelled out anything, this was for real.
Stan asked the first question. “Let’s start simple. Sharon, we’re trying to reach you. Does Liz have a crush on Rich?”
“Dude, cut that out. Some chick’s ghost isn’t going to care about that”
The slider began to move, it spelled out the words GOOD FRIEND.
Stan frowned. “That’s no kind of answer. I want a yes or no.”
“You’re moving the damn thing anyway. Why? Would you like to escort her to the ice cream shop? Oooooo!!”
“Hey, that’s not…”
The slider moved again, spelling YES.
“Hey! You’re supposed to answer questions about Rich, not me.”
Rich thought about another question, this game was just getting good. “I bet Stan wants to marry Liz, doesn’t he?”
Both of them let go of the slider. “Rich, that’s not funny man. You’re freaking me out.”
“Hey, you’re making it move. It’s not me.”
Both boys’ hands were suddenly pulled back onto the Ouija Board by some invisible force.

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