The Power of Pinterest! A marketing platform for #authors?

The Power of Pinterest! A marketing platform for #authors?

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If you an author, particularly one whose target audience is women, you MUST be on Pinterest. Okay, perhaps must is a strong word but it’s definitely something to think about. But why?

  • 68.2% of Pinterest users are women
  • 25-34 year old females biggest demographic group
  • 1.36 million daily users
  • Visits to Pinterest are longer than Facebook or Twitter
  • It drives more referral traffic than other platforms
  • Excellent SEO opportunity

Now I will admit that I am a novice to Pinterest. When it first launched, I registered for personal use but didn’t find it very intuitive and if a service doesn’t seem easy I simply won’t use it. My brain pouts “too hard.” I shut the lid of my laptop and find something more familiar to do.
But over recent months my view has shifted. On a personal basis, I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with Facebook. Twitter has become even more frustrating with an endless stream of follow me/why don’t you follow me/ why have you unfollowed me posts which are not only completely bad form or downright rude, but a complete antithesis of what Twitter is meant to be about – engagement, not numbers.
I needed to try something new and I wanted somewhere where I could store and share content themed content. My favourites bars on explorer/ safari/chrome were becoming cluttered. Most links were meaningless at face value and I’d have to click through them to figure out what on the page interested me those days and weeks earlier.
This is where social bookmarking comes into its own and Pinterest in particular. It allows you to “pin” any image or website you find interesting onto an online notice board of your choosing. You can have multiple boards too! You could create one for character inspiration, cheery pictures of kittens, books you want to read, ideas of holidays – you name it, you can create a board for you. So, as you can guess, Pinterest is a great way for tidying up all the info you’re bombarded with into one central place. You can also share content you’ve “pinned” with others by email, Twitter or via Facebook! You can follow pin interest you’ve found from other people’s boards. You can follow people. They can follow you and your boards. It’s a revelation I tell you?
So why is this good for writers? Well the first reason is that it’s a great way to collate inspiration, from characters, to stories, to research to locations. Secondly, it’s a great way to promote your books or blog. Your website, for example, still holds the image, you are in effect pinning a link and an image to it. This is called back-linking – a term which you guys may have seen me mention before. Although people might see the content on Pinterest, they are more likely to click on that link and pay a visit to you website, blog or store than via any other social media platform!
A word of caution though – don’t just fill your boards with “buy my book” type content. Pinterest should not just form part of your marketing strategy as a way to help discovery and findability of your websites, blogs and products – it should also give people a window into your life and your interests. It will help readers build a picture of what interests you, your influences and what your books might be like without having to give away too much detail about the specifics (why I’m a big believer in separating your personal Facebook profiles and getting an author page set up!).
So what will you fill your boards with? Me, I have to admit it’s mostly things that interest me from cats to crochet, with a board dedicated to books I like, motivational quotes and tips for writers. It’s still relatively new but I’m having such fun filling it up and referring back to the content. It’s probably the one social media platform that I’ll actively keep using during my “sabbatical”.
What about you? Do you use Pinterest? What have your experiences been?
Check out these for more info on getting yourself set up on Pinterest:

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