As I work frantically on revisions to the Sophie Morgan books for my new publisher, Halloween festivities are rapidly passing me by. I’ve not even had opportunity to dress up the baby in his pumpkin costume. We may have to hide from trick-or-treaters at this rate, locked in the bedroom while baby sleeps and I type furiously at the keyboard. That said, I can’t let this holiday go by without giving you a little scary treat, as has become my tradition. So, for all the fans out there and those who enjoy a scary tale, I’ve got something which will may you squirm – a short story of vengeance and torture.. it’s surely what the holiday is all about 🙂 Restorative Justice A Story by Helen Treharne   Karen Jensen sat at the bar and circled the base of her margarita glass with a painted fingernail. A stiletto hung from… View Post