Vampire #Christmas Advent: 7 December

Vampire #Christmas Advent: 7 December

Our “Sophie Morgan” vampires are cosmopolitan to say the least. Ferrers is English, Kasper is Danish and this beauty is originally from France and now lives in Brussels.

Margeaux Renard lay supine in marabou fur and silk, enjoying the peace of her post-party home. Finger waves framed her delicate, porcelain features, red lipstick bringing out the red of her hair. She resembled a flame-haired Jean Harlow, a style that most considered fashionably retro, a bold statement of her femininity and glamour in a modern world. It had simply been her favorite era.


She appeared tiny amidst the oversized satin pillows and huge bed. As a poor child, growing up in the slums of Paris, she had vowed she would never go hungry, unloved, or without power again. It was a promise she had kept, earning a living via the adulation of men, and gaining power through an iron fist around her business interests. Margeaux Renard might have been petite and pretty, but she was not to be crossed.

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