Vampire #Christmas Advent: 12 December

Vampire #Christmas Advent: 12 December

I’m  a big fan of the hero who isn’t a hero: the guy who you’d be best mates with who turns out to be the one to save the world – or at least hold your hair back when you are sick or passes you that all important hammer when you need to smash a vampire’s face in. I guess that sums up Michael Kelly pretty well – the Irish bartender which Sophie meets in Antwerp and who turns out to be more than a server!
mickey kelly 2

The familiar Irish tones shook me from my stupor. Maybe it was because I wasn’t used to conversing with attractive, well groomed, older men, but ‘tall, dark and handbag’ as I decided to nickname him, had stunned me a little. He was just so damned suave—or perhaps just being incredibly well-mannered and extremely handsome gave him that illusion of debonair. He was very different from Mickey with his dark shaggy hair and those baggy jeans hanging halfway down his bottom. Not that the Irish lad was unattractive by any means, but it was a bit like comparing your favorite jeans to a haute couture trouser suit. I pondered on that for a moment: in reality, which one would you get more wear out of?

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