Vampire #Christmas Advent: 21 December

Vampire #Christmas Advent: 21 December

Not all our vampires meet Sophie,  some exert their influence on her life from a distance.  The vampire world is much like the human one, some of its members exert power and others have none.
Istanbul is the home of one of the oldest and most powerful vampire families, now run more like a major corporation than an ancient tribe.  We are giving a taster of their influence and importance in the second book in the series, Death in the Family. I wonder what role they will have in the future? Let’s meet two of their key players for a clue…

Onan Sadik

Onan Sadik marched through the corridors of the Istanbul headquarters of Alexander Industries. He had built a successful career there over the century, initially as a human, then as a vampire, once he had shown his true worth. Joining the company had been a significant gamble. If it hadn’t worked out, he would most certainly be dead, or confined forever to a low-level role, with no prospects and low pay. Members of his family had worked for the corporation for centuries. He knew what he was getting into, and it had been worth it. He had been fifteen and on the streets when he’d been picked up for food. Twenty years of feeding vampires in return for shelter, an education, and eventually the wealth had all paid off.

Adara Constantinou

Adara Constantinou stood, arms folded, looking out of the glazed wall to the streets of Istanbul’s business district. She was a formidable force of nature, a keen-eyed, hard-headed vampire who liked to feed on the failures of her business enemies as much as she did on young, fresh prey. She was level-headed, cool, and sharp as a knife. Her olive skin, strong limbs, and dark, wavy hair gave her the appearance of a healthy, athletic woman in her forties. Her nails were short and neat, her hazel eyes bright. The pale grey suit had a sheen that amplified both her coloring and the dazzling whiteness of the shirt beneath it.
“They seem so small,” she said.
“Yes, Adara. We were all that small once.”

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