Vampire #Christmas Advent: 23 December 2015

Vampire #Christmas Advent: 23 December 2015

While most of the action in Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story,  the second book is set firmly in South Wales.  It also introduce some new characters, including Darren Thomas, a graphic designer from Cardiff who makes some “money on the side” by renting out his old family home. Needless to say, even vampires need somewhere to live.

Elsewhere in the city, another human was having a different type of vampiric experience. Darren Thomas didn’t like renting to vampires, or anything else supernatural for that matter. They were a devil to clean up after. Vampires left blood on the carpet, and werewolves tore up the furniture something chronic. He would have preferred to have rented to students, but that was now firmly out of the question since the new regulations had come in; now they all needed their own sinks, and locks on the doors. Besides, these vampires were prepared to hand him a huge wedge of cash….
The quick, no-questions-asked letting to the vampires would make him more cash than it normally would—twice his asking rate, in fact—but it had unsettled him. Werewolves, he could understand. They were essentially people most of the month. Everyone was allowed to have a few off days from being normal, and at least you could plan for a full moon.
He had rented to that Were family once. He’d guessed from the deep scratches on the cellar wall, and the beat-up furniture he’d had to replace, that they had attempted to keep themselves locked away during that difficult time of the month.
Vampires were different, though. He could tolerate their existence as long as they kept off the street and out of trouble, but they were, well, vampires, all-month-round. They never took a day off from wanting to maim and kill. Fair enough, from what he could gather they all had blood packs and only ate what they needed now, but he’d heard his grandfather’s stories.

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