Vampire #Christmas Advent: 24 December

Vampire #Christmas Advent: 24 December

Well, we are almost there. It’s the big day tomorrow… Christmas is coming and our advent “Sophie Morgan Vampire Series” Countdown is almost over.  We’ve met some of the characters and locations along the way. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. But there’s one we haven’t talked about yet… one who appears in both books.. that is Sophie’s neighbour, Richard Jones.

To most people, Richard Jones looked like he had it all, or close to it: tall, lean and in perfect shape. His short dark hair was precisely styled into place, his neat nails were buffed to a soft sheen, and the dark-blue Mercedes, parked outside his apartment, was perpetually clean. The bookshelves in the lounge of his apartment were populated with exactly the right types of books. The cool grey walls were adorned with expensive prints and photographs. The wood flooring was as pristine as the day it had been laid. His clothes were always immaculate: the best labels, never faded, and never a touch of lint. He might not have lived in a big city, but he had made the best of what he had. Most of his schoolmates had gone on to work in the various car manufacturing plants dotted around Coventry and the surrounding area. Either that, or they were grown men but, chained to call-centre desks. Yes, he’d done very well for himself, indeed.



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Every hair on his scalp stood to attention, every skin cell tingled, every neuron fired. Warmth spread across his chest. His heart pounded hard in his chest as she finally came to a halt before him, inches from his face. This was a new feeling: excitement, maybe? He was aroused beyond his understanding, like the hunger of a starving man. She was stunning. Is this what real desire feels like, or is it just the drugs? Had he ever felt this excited before? It was as if he had just been born, experiencing the world and all its sensory pleasures for the first time, all in one hit.
The thought that he might not be able to perform under the drug’s influence flashed across his brain, but he shook it off; there was nothing that was going to stop him from having her. He didn’t care if they were in some dirty, shitty alley, a hundred people could have walked past and he wouldn’t have given a toss. He would have her, devour her. The feeling was amazing.
He thought he might explode, or at the very least pass out, as she pressed her torso into his and parted her lips, caressing his neck with her tongue and nuzzling into the flesh with her teeth. Richard tilted his head back in pleasure and moaned, elongating his neck to expand her canvass. With every moan he uttered, her mouth pressed more firmly into him, more vigorously, more passionately, her hunger for him increasing. Then the pain descended, enveloping him in a rush that was so all consuming and complete that he couldn’t fight it. He closed his eyes and submitted.

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