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Way back in 2014, I decided to self publish a story I’d written. It was an exercise in ” I wonder if I can write a book”.The result was Relative Strangers. It went through self iterations, including new covers, correcting a few pesky typos which we all missed during its various rounds of proofing and a further re-edit when it was picked up by a publisher in 2015.
The closure of my publisher, Booktrope, at the end of this month has been cause for my reflection on how far I’ve come. It would be very easy to heart returning to the self publishing arena, but I stumbled across the interview from way back in the day – when Relative Strangers was published by little old me on pre order.

Helen Treharne’s hot release Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story premiered on Saturday. Now we’ve got a great chance to learn something more about the book and the author herself…

Who is that author, full of hope? Did I achieve everything I wanted – is this a different type of vampire story? I don’t particularly recall this interview, the questions, or the frankness with which I clearly answered all the questions, but as I re-read this, it made me smile and reminded me why we writer folks do this. We do it because we love crafting characters. We put words onto paper and create new worlds. We try things out and test waters to see if other people think the same as us – do they want to read something fresh or different? Will my plot make sense to them? Will they get my nuances and little nods to things I like – be that film, literature, history or TV?
As I carry on writing the third book in what has developed into a series, I choose to look positively towards the future. There will be more Sophie Morgan after this third book, but there will also be new things that I’m excited about – new characters, new genres, new people and professionals to work with. Just as I had so much optimism in 2014, 2016 is already looking pretty darn good!
My the latest edition of Relative Strangers here

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