10 Things About Toddler Birthday Parties

1.       You went from not having a first birthday party (“it’s not like he’ll remember it”) to organising something that would rival a Queen’s garden party.

2.       You had forgotten how fun doing the Okey-Cokey is but now you’re one of the first up at a kids’ party.

3.       You will instinctively know the hand movements to kids songs that you’ve never even heard before – and display them enthusiastically

4.       You will carry your small toddler for at least 50% of a party, even if it’s theirs. They will only want to participate until halfway through one of the final tunes.

5.       If games are involved, your child will not return or share the toys on at least one occasion.

6.       You will steal some of the sweeties or cake from the party bag

7.       Someone put a whistle in the party bag, right? Don’t judge, you’ll be on Amazon buying them like the rest of us soon enough

8.       Relatives will inevitably congregate near the food while the young’uns (ahem) and parents throw some shapes on the dancefloor – at 2 O’Clock in the afternoon

9.       These are highlights of your social calendar – the kids love them and you get to catch up with some pals

10.   You’ll say “next year, we won’t bother,”…. But you will


Or is it just me?

Post title - 10 things about toddler birthday parties - plus a picture of a birthday balloon.

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