Blueberry Pancakes – a great family breakfast recipe

Tired of toast and cereal for breakfast? These quick and easy blueberry pancakes are a great breakfast recipe, although you can service with syrup and whipped cream for a tasty desert too. I love these as it’ a great way of getting fruit into children and using up fruit that’s about to go past it’s best.


2 cups self raising flour

2 cups milk

1 egg

1/2 cup sugar (or a tablespoon of Stevia)

1 cup blueberries



Add flour to a bowl and make a well in it.

Break in the egg and start to combine.

Add half the milk – keep beating.

Add the other half of the milk.

Heat a heavy frying pan on the hob – hottest you can get it!

Spray a little oil or rub a little butter over the pan to prevent sticking (I rarely do as my non stick pan is great).

Pour in a dollop of batter to the pan. It will spread out but aim for the size of a rim of a cup. I have a small ladle and I find that one of those is enough. The pancake will start to cook quickly on one side, so drop in a handful of the blueberries. Once it’s a light golden brown, flip it over.

Got the knack? I can generally fit in about 3-4 small pancakes in my pan and the mixture will make about 8 pancakes altogether.


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