If you are an author you are probably on at least one social media platform, trying to build your “author platform” and encourage people to buy your book. In an increasingly crowded book market, how can you ensure that your book promo activity is heard above the noise? People want to follow, engage with and listen to people – real people. You don’t walk up to someone on the street and say “hi, buy my book” on first meeting them. For one thing it would be plain weird but also rude. Yet, it’s an easy trap to fall into from the safety and distance of your keyboard. If you throw enough cr@p at something, surely some of it may stick? There is some truth in this. In order for your marketing message to be effective your audience needs to hear it frequently and via a range of channels. Take movie… View Post

Good marketers and PR professionals understand what makes people tick. In many ways they are applied psychologists, combining audience insight with a steely focus on outcomes to influence decisions. This was just one of messages I took away from a public relations workshop I attended recently. “Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how it dictates and influences our behavior, from communication and memory to thought and emotion.” British Psychological Society  “Public relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour” Chartered Institute of Public Relations What does this mean for book marketing? A good deal perhaps. The ultimate aim of book publicists is to sell books. Even when we want to broadly build a brand or author platform, we still have that ultimate outcome in mind. We want to take potential readers on a journey… View Post

It’s not often that I take to my blog to tell you to read someone else’s books. Time is precious and there are so many good writers out there, picking which books to push on you, or which authors I think you should follow, is one of those “nice to have” things on my to-do list that is constantly being pushed to the bottom. Now and again though, there is always a favourite who I can’t help but shout about. Ian Probert is one of those. I have been in love with his writing since I read ‘Johnny Nothing’. I know I’ve compared him to the wonderfully talented Roald Dahl but that is doing him a disserve – he is a wonderful character creator and wordsmith in his own rights. So, when he tells me he has a new book coming out, I take note. I pay particular attention as… View Post

I am delighted to say that the third book in my urban fantasy series is now available for download. If you would like to get your hands on a sinister thriller with bite, you can purchase it from all major digital retailers here : https://books2read.com/hostilerelations Thank you to all of you who have already pre-ordered it. You should find it on your e-reader some time today, depending on your settings.